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The ending was a little overly open and I felt dark vader's ruler has a little to of high-pitched a voice. And batman has extra armor under lighter armor, not the other way around. ANYWHO good job!

MADE FOR SCHOOL?! HOW?! Anywho, good job! Rename this: Stick RPG: The movie XD

I loved the game, and this is a nice animation! The only problem is how their mouths moved when they talked.. And I think issac's mom would frown when she heard her sun has been corrupt, but smile when she first hears god. ANYWHO GOOD JOB!

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Magikarp used splash attack!

I just.. LOVE this game and hope you release it for PSP or PS3! I will buy it for any system [Just not xbox cause I dont have that..] This game is just THE BEE'S KNEES! I think you would have to be evil to not at least put this on a console like PS3! I really like the rogue and RPG aspects! Good job! I look forward to buying it via steam or were ever else you may put it!

Well, in this game you play as a phyco-path who has problems. I don't know if Im just being cold but I think the dude you play as is one sick sun of a *ich. The maker did a great job. Its sorta short, and the story rating is: Meh... Because I can sum the entire story up in a second. Here: You are a crazy guy [as I already said] and you try to do some things to a girl, who isnt ready to do them. You get angry and murder her [cause your insain..] and hide the body. You then have the ability to decide what to do next! I personally think it was smartest to book-it after hiding the body and run for the hills.

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Theres a beter version of this song that I heard once but I cant find it for some reson...

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