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Magikarp used splash attack!

I just.. LOVE this game and hope you release it for PSP or PS3! I will buy it for any system [Just not xbox cause I dont have that..] This game is just THE BEE'S KNEES! I think you would have to be evil to not at least put this on a console like PS3! I really like the rogue and RPG aspects! Good job! I look forward to buying it via steam or were ever else you may put it!

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Well, in this game you play as a phyco-path who has problems. I don't know if Im just being cold but I think the dude you play as is one sick sun of a *ich. The maker did a great job. Its sorta short, and the story rating is: Meh... Because I can sum the entire story up in a second. Here: You are a crazy guy [as I already said] and you try to do some things to a girl, who isnt ready to do them. You get angry and murder her [cause your insain..] and hide the body. You then have the ability to decide what to do next! I personally think it was smartest to book-it after hiding the body and run for the hills.

A rage-indusing annoying, crazy, unbeatable, crazy, rage-quit-tropolis game in which you play as "The Kid". It is basicaly the normal "I wanna be the guy" we all know and.. Erm.. Love. But you play as a diffrent guy. Thats pretty much it. Other than there are diffrent levels. I dont think anyone will get past level one.. Uberhaxornova will be notified of this immeditly! XD

It is fun, but I noticed 2 versions are played of the same song at once and adds more and more versions for each time you die which gets annoying. The controls are a bit tricky and I kept pressing the up arrow key to jump by instinct witch made me die some times. Over all, it is sorta trolls the player.. And also the "floating eye thingys" should be able to have a turning around animation.

thekmanproductions responds:

Yes, I know about the music! lol in fact I just fixed it and will be re-uploading a new version. The graphics are going to change as well, fer I want this game to be unique lol

Thanks fer the ideas btw, that was wicked helpful. I will tweak the controls to be a wee bit more better and add a turning around animation to the enemies! ^.^

A few bugs, that made be rage quit, like killing an egg and dieing even though it already shattered to pieces, but over all it was fun! Good Job!

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Sorry man, I couldn't really play the game. There seems to be an error in it or something. Its just a blank, white screen when I try to play. So I really can't judge it. I hope it works for someone else so you can get feed back from them.

TheeCoffee responds:

You need to wait for it to load. It's 13MB

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